Anders Lager

Anders Lager has a master’s degree in Engineering Physics at Uppsala University. Employed by ABB Robotics in 1995, he is today a Principal Engineer with a background in software development and project management. General experiences include Robot Control Systems and Mechatronics. Hands-on experiences include Motion Control, Machine Vision, Realistic 3D Simulations and different robot applications, e.g. picking and palletizing.

About Anders' thesis:

In this thesis, we explore task planning and scheduling as a means to improve efficiency

and productivity for industrial mobile robot applications. To handle disturbances, unexpected conditions and events in the working environment of robots, a degree of autonomous robot behaviour is needed. More specifically, the need for efficiency in the industry motivates an ability to explore alternative action sequences that may lead to a better overall plan, where  unexpected conditions and need for replanning are taken into account, but that will maintain a predictable robot behaviour.