AIDOaRt Project Plenary meeting in Linz


AIDOaRt Project Plenary meeting was held in Linz, Austria

The plenary meeting of the AIDOaRt project took place in Linz, Austria. The excited 5th hackathon opened the plenary meeting, 17 challenges were formed before the meeting. The AIDOaRters had 6 hours of face-to-face communication opportunity to tackle the use-case challenges to come up with solutions that can solve the problem in real use-case scenarios. After a full day of intensive work, each team presented its plan and 3 teams were selected as winners in terms of technical innovation, exploitation potential, solution readiness level, entertainment (fun).

From December 13th to December14th, the leaders of work packages 4 to 7 reported on the progress of their work and addressed the reviewers' recommendations in the second review meeting, calling for cooperation from all partners.

In this plenary meeting, the project team also received invaluable suggestions from the Advisory Committee, in particular, they offered concrete solutions on how to improve the vertical and horizontal integration of the project, how to strengthen collaboration, etc.

The final project plenary meeting will be held in May, France.