5th AIDOaRt Hackathon winners


Find out who are the winners of our 5th Internal Hackathon!

The 5th AIDOaRt Hackathon was conjuncted with project plenary meeting in Linz, Austria.

A big thanks to all participants for contributing to the success of this initiative, and huge congratulations to the top three winners:

"Anomaly Detection and Seasonal Quality Metrics" by Per Erik Strandberg and Joacim Zetterling from Westermo Network Technologies, Sarmad Bashir from RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Shahriar Hasan from Mälardalen University, Kimmo Nupponen and Nikhil Sharma from Copado, and Ivan Porres from Åbo Akademi University, and Alessandra Bagnato and Bilal Said from SOFTEAM.

"Abstraction Gap in Industrial Co-simulation" by Johan Cederbladh from Mälardalen University and Volvo Construction Equipment, and Daniel Krems from AVL.

"Adoption of AI and ML Techniques for Image Processing in the Automotive Context" by Tiziana Fanni and Fabio Marongiu from Abinsula and Luca Morlino from Intecs.