Welcome to participate AIDOM@rket


AIDOaRt Project Plenary meeting was held in Linz, Austria

AIDOaRt project team invite all the partners to participate in the AIDOM@rket through live demos of the tool's capabilities applied to our use cases. The AIDOM@rket committee will select the best demos that present their work at the final review meeting (Rome, Italy, Nov '24).

Demo requirements:
- The demo must refer to a use case and explain specific scenarios, requirements, and needs.
- Demo teams must consist of UCs and solution providers
- The demo should show how the AIDOaRt architecture is implemented, how the requirements/KPIs are met, how the team benefits from the AIDOaRt framework, and how the tools used are integrated into the framework;
- Tools (especially AI/ML technologies) need to be shown

- Teams must also describe aspects of collaboration and participation in hackathons, exploitation, and dissemination related to the solutions.

Note that, we expect one (or in case more than one) team for UC, but participation is not mandatory for the UCs that consider themself not mature enough to be a candidate for the final review.

Moreover, the AIDOm@rket area provides, for all (demo's teams and remaining UC/teams/tools) a significant opportunity to prepare a poster (printed format) describing tools and their applications on use cases. The posters will be also shown during the final review! This time participation is mandatory for each UC and related team. You can find poster template on G-drive.

Register your participation in the AIDOm@arket day by March 22h.

If you have any questions, please contact gunnar.widforss@mdu.se